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Osma Academy

OSMA is a space for Retreat

Our boutique hotel at the top of the village offers 13 modern rooms with ensuite bathrooms. There are 11 double and 2 single rooms altogether. The first floor has 5 rooms with a large French window with a shared terrace overlooking the sea and 1 room with a balcony. On the ground floor, there are 6 rooms, 5 with access to its own terrace.

The entire resort embraces the infinity pool, dining area, summer garden, labyrinth of sun, eight energy points and some hidden beautiful corners for rest, meditation, relaxation and reset.

In addition to the hotel, we also have an old stone barn, which you can rent for accommodaton for 5 people or as part of a space for various services.

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If you are looking for a resort to rent for your services, we are here for you

Due to our size, private location and being surrounded by authentic nature, services such as yoga retreat, personal growth retreat, guided meditation groups, teambuildings for small groups, strategic meetings, business or personal events, are perfect for you.


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OSMA (»The Eighth«)

The roots of our name is in its trinity meaning:

                                        OSMA – as an Open Sky Management Academy- we believe that even the  sky cannot be a limit for achieving something when we are passionate, have strong desire, put all the  attention into the goal   and full   intention  in our  daily  activities to reach  that.

                                   OSMA – as  the highest in the music chart:  octave, which resonate with all others. Between the first (the Ego) and the eighth (the higher Self) whole world breathes and resonates.

                                     OSMA (lying horizontal) – an infinite, never-ending cycle of learning and teaching, of giving and receiving, of constant personal growth and raising awareness that we are more than our minds and more interdependent than we realize.

OSMA Programs

Leadership programs, seminars, coaching & retreats and customer workshops

                                     Based on our philosophy and our values we are offering different kinds of programs, retreats and workshops. All of them are held by our partners,                                    who share our vision of a new paradigm and devotion to be  a part of collective intention of contribution to the development of evocative leadership.

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Upcoming Events

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